Cryptocurrency Market Crash: Bitcoin and Altcoins Face Massive Liquidations

Bitcoin’s current price stands at $58,854, marking the largest cryptocurrency’s lowest point in two months. This development is significant for the cryptocurrency market. Let’s analyze whether what we are seeing in the Bitcoin market is an isolated incident or a pattern observable across the broader cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin Price Trend: An Overview

Over the past 30 days, Bitcoin has dropped by over 14.7%. In the past 7 days, it has fallen by more than 3.6%, and in the last 24 hours alone, it has declined by nearly 3.6%. At the beginning of July 2024, BTC’s price was around $62,814. Since then, Bitcoin’s price has been weakening, with three consecutive red candles. Last month’s high was close to $71,100, while the low was near $60,100.

On the last day of June, the Bitcoin market experienced strong buying pressure, pushing the price to a weak peak of $62,694. The small body of the candle representing July 1 indicates strong selling pressure. Although BTC closed favorably for buyers that day, sellers took control of the market in the following days. Currently, the price remains at a critical point—the lowest in nearly two months.

Overall Cryptocurrency Market Analysis

It is crucial to understand whether this is an isolated event. The best way to understand it is by analyzing other notable cryptocurrencies. Let’s consider Ethereum and Solana. Over the past 30 days, Ethereum has dropped by more than 14.3%.

In the last 7 days, its price has fallen by 4.7%, and in the past 24 hours, it has declined by over 4.7%. Similarly, Solana has reported a severe drop of over 18.0%. In the last 7 days, it has fallen by more than 0.6%, and in the past 24 hours, it has plummeted by 9.7%. BNB and XRP show similar trends.

Impact on Bitcoin Traders and Investors

According to an article by Santiment on X, many cryptocurrency traders bought Bitcoin when its price was near $60,000, expecting it to rise. Currently, with BTC prices falling, traders are selling their tokens.

Some believe that this development might increase the current selling pressure in the Bitcoin market.

Buying the Dip?

On-chain data provider Santiment reports that Bitcoin and altcoins are experiencing massive sell-offs, dropping to their lowest levels in nearly two months. Despite the spot Ethereum ETF scheduled for listing on July 15, Ethereum prices have fallen below $3,200.

Santiment suggests that the cryptocurrency community sees this situation as a potential buying opportunity. However, the company advises investors to wait until the initial wave of enthusiasm subsides before making any new purchases.

Santiment believes that the ideal buying opportunity arises when traders become skeptical and impatient. The recent BTC price drop has led to massive liquidations, as many traders bought the dip when BTC was trading around $60,000.

How Long Could Bitcoin Continue to Decline?

Markus Thielen, founder of 10x Research, predicts that Bitcoin could fall to $50,000, further exacerbating bearish sentiment. Thielen’s analysis indicates the potential emergence of a double-top pattern, where the price reaches two similar peaks with a slight dip in between.

If the price breaks below the neckline of this pattern, it could fall by the distance between the peak and the neckline.