Cardano Price Prediction 2024 New: Will ADA Reach $10 ?

The ADA token price recently experienced a notable decline from a high of $0.68, leading to the formation of a descending wedge pattern on the daily chart. However, the cryptocurrency market has recently rebounded from a prolonged low, setting the stage for a potential breakthrough for ADA.

A critical moment occurred when ADA’s price rebounded from a key junction—the intersection of the 50% Fibonacci retracement level and the support trend line—signaling an attack on the upper boundary of the wedge formation.

ADA’s recovery journey is marked by the formation of several bullish candles, successfully reclaiming the 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA), and breaking through the significant psychological barrier of $0.50. ADA’s current trading price is $0.584, lingering indecisively near the resistance trend line.

If ADA maintains its current momentum, it is very likely to break upwards, pushing the price to a peak of $0.84, a substantial 25% increase. Conversely, if the trend reverses, ADA might retest the 50% Fibonacci level, testing its resilience once more.

Cardano Price Prediction for 2024

With signs of a bullish reversal in Cardano’s price, the market is infused with optimism. The breakthrough of the upper resistance trend line lays a solid foundation for an upward trend, further confirmed by a strong bullish rebound on the weekly chart, consistently forming nine bullish candles.

Supported by whales, the continual increase in large transaction volumes, along with overall growth in the DeFi sector, aids in Cardano’s recovery. Considering the upcoming 2024 bull market events, Cardano’s price can maintain this momentum and reach higher levels in 2024. The recovery bounce will prove pivotal, with recent breakthroughs and trend reversals marking critical entry levels.

Cardano‘s current trading price is $0.657, presenting a buying opportunity as it is likely to soon break $1 and reach the $1.5 mark. Thus, with the 2024 bull market, Cardano’s price is expected to create a new fluctuation high of $2.02. ADA’s average price will be $1.695, and by the end of 2024, due to funds exhaustion, ADA’s price might stabilize at $1.37.

ADA Price Prediction for 2025

2025 could herald growth for ADA, with prices potentially fluctuating between a low of $1.81 and a high of $2.42. The average price during this period could be $2.115.

Assuming Cardano continues to focus on upcoming network updates, we can anticipate higher adoption rates for Cardano. Moreover, with the 2024 Bitcoin halving driving and propelling the upcoming bull market, along with the ensuing altcoin season, Cardano is poised to create unprecedented new heights.

Factors Affecting Cardano Price Movements

Several external influences affect Cardano’s price daily. Understanding these factors helps in setting service rates. Here are several key elements to watch:

  • Market Sentiment: Whether the overall crypto market is bullish or bearish will impact Cardano’s value. Monitoring overall market trends is crucial.
  • Network Usage and Transactions: Increasing use of the Cardano blockchain for applications and transactions raises demand. Growth in these areas often drives up prices.
  • Coin Burning or Minting: Events where a large amount of ADA is removed or reintroduced into circulation can change supply and demand dynamics, affecting prices.
  • Partnerships and Adoption: New partnerships based on Cardano or announcements from companies/projects bring optimism to investors. Such news often triggers price increases.
  • Regulations: Any comments from governments or regulatory bodies about tightening or relaxing controls on cryptocurrency transactions can significantly impact prices. Developments here must be closely monitored.