Hamster Kombat Exclusive Review: Everything You Need to Know

With the explosive wave of Notcoin and the NOT token skyrocketing fivefold in just 10 days, the Telegram mini-game Hamster Kombat has become the next big hit in the clicker game genre. It is set to launch its product and token on the TON blockchain.

Hamster Kombat Exclusive Review

Since its launch at the end of the first quarter, Hamster Kombat has shown astonishing growth. Let’s first look at the impressive achievements of Hamster Kombat’s official social media: Twitter followers soared to 5.1 million in just three months, the Telegram group boasts 25 million followers, and the YouTube channel surpassed 10 million followers within seven days, now having 14.2 million followers.

According to data released by Hamster Kombat’s official account early this morning, the game has 78 million players acting as CEOs, with a daily active user count of 31 million and 6.5 million players online simultaneously. These figures demonstrate its strong user appeal and wide community influence.

What is Hamster Kombat?

Hamster Kombat is a Tap-to-Earn game where players simulate the role of a cryptocurrency exchange CEO by clicking on hamsters to collect game points. The game offers multiple ways for players to earn rewards, encouraging community interaction and cooperation to unlock more rewards.

For instance, players can earn additional points and speed up point acquisition by purchasing and synthesizing special cards, daily check-ins, following official social media accounts, and referring friends.

How to Play Hamster Kombat

Exchange Level System

In Hamster Kombat, a player’s exchange level is determined by their game point balance, with nine levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Epic, Legendary, Master, and Grandmaster. There is also a Lord level (over 1 billion points) shown in the game mini-program.

Hamster Kombat Exchange Level

Points can be acquired in various ways, one of which is the straightforward click method, where tapping (clicking) once earns one basic point (with speed-up options available). The basic energy value is 1500 (clicking can earn 1500 points), and the energy cap can be upgraded by spending points. If all energy is exhausted, it needs to automatically regenerate. Players have six opportunities per day to instantly “recharge,” with a 60-minute interval between each use.

If you find clicking inefficient, you can spend points on enhancement features. For example, the Multitap feature allows more points per click, saving time; the Energy Limit feature increases your energy capacity.

Passive Income Mechanism

However, if you only rely on simple clicking, you probably won’t make long-term progress in Hamster Kombat’s adventure. The game’s main strategies, besides clicking, include a mining passive income mechanism, which involves purchasing or upgrading cards to collect. These cards increase the hourly passive income.

Hamster Kombat Passive Income Mechanism

Passive income is valid for only three hours after the player exits the game; after that, they need to re-enter the game to continue mining. Cards also have cooldown times. These settings significantly increase user engagement, encouraging players to return to the game regularly to continue mining and enjoy the continuous growth of earnings.

Card Synthesis

Recently, Hamster Kombat introduced a card synthesis feature, providing substantial point rewards for synthesized cards. The specific synthesis combinations can change daily and can be guessed or searched online.

This feature not only enriches gameplay but also fosters interaction and cooperation among community members. In the future, Hamster Kombat plans to gradually increase the daily synthesis card bonus pool, allowing players to enjoy more substantial rewards while having fun.

Friend Referrals

For friend referrals, each friend invited earns 2000 points for regular Telegram users and 25,000 points for Telegram Premium users. The invitee earns the same number of points. When the invitee reaches a certain level, the inviter can unlock additional rewards.

Hamster Kombat Friend Referrals

Daily rewards

Daily check-ins also earn points, with rewards increasing for consecutive check-ins within a natural month. Missing a check-in resets the progress, and the check-in rewards start over.

Hamster Kombat Daily Rewards

Hamster Kombat Roadmap

According to Hamster Kombat’s roadmap, the project released the basic game in February this year, added daily rewards and LVL levels in April, and will launch the token TGE and add token utility in July. In the third quarter, Hamster Kombat will add Squad Kombat, skins, and character features.

The official website indicates that Hamster Kombat is about to release a white paper, and the official mini-program clearly states that there will be an airdrop.

Hamster Kombat is More Than Just a Game

It’s worth mentioning that Hamster Kombat is also dedicated to promoting large-scale Web3 adoption and community building. On the Hamster Kombat YouTube channel, through Hamster Academy, the project team educates on basic concepts like blockchain, exchanges, Bitcoin, and TON using hamster characters. It also updates Web3 market and news trends.

As Hamster Kombat says, it is not just a game, nor just promoting large-scale Web3 adoption, but also encouraging players to grow together, learn new things, make friends, and build the largest and most cohesive community.

Hamster Kombat has also made it clear that it will not sell or embed ads in the game to maintain the game’s purity and provide a good player experience.

Hamster Kombat’s basic gameplay is both simple and fun, allowing players to quickly get started and immerse themselves. I always believe that gaming and social interaction are core drivers of large-scale Web3 adoption. Hamster Kombat embodies this concept, leading the spread and popularization of Web3 technology to a broader audience through gaming.